How much weight does the USPS Underbody Stone Protection System add to my van?

After removing the two standard mudflaps that come with your van and taking their weight into consideration, our system will only add 8kg to the weight of your van.

What materials make up the strength of the USPS Underbody Stone Protection System?

Our USPS - Underbody Stone Protection System is manufactured using 5mm thick Aluminium on the main rail and another 5mm thick Aluminium for the mounting rail, making the main section of the rail system 10mm thick Aluminium. 

The USPS main rail and mounting rail are assembled using Stainless Steel fasteners and then sent to the powder coaters for a chromate conversion pre-treatment to the Australian Standard AS3715 process before powder-coating textured black.

How much weight does the USPS Step Protection System add to my van?

The USPS - Step Protection system will only add 930 grams to your van’s weight.

Can I expect my fuel economy to increase after installing the USPS Underbody Stone Protection System?

We have travelled around 20,000 kms towing our 20.6 Offroad Zone RV with our 200 series Landcruiser testing the USPS - Underbody Stone Protection System, and around 10,000 kms without the USPS installed. After logging all fuel stops, we can confirm that the fuel economy did NOT increase.

My Zone RV already comes with some standard underbody mudflaps. Why should I install the USPS Underbody Stone Protection System? 

The standard underbody protection mudflaps on your Zone RV are mounted between the inside of the main chassis rail, which measures 151cm wide

Our USPS - Underbody Stone Protection System has been designed to extend out past the chassis rails covering a much wider area.  The wider range will cover the wheel track of all tow vehicles from a Ford Ranger wheel track of 185cm through to the Dodge Ram 3500 at 192cm. 

Our USPS can cover wheel tracks up to 210cm wide, providing 40% more protection over the standard system and in the areas that need it the most.

How is this possible, then?

This is all possible through our specially designed mounting rail that attaches to the chassis cross member, which also allows the mudflaps to be dropped 13cm lower and extend out to 210cm into the path of the rocks/stones, significantly reducing the possibility of damage to your suspension and plumbing.


USPS Underbody Stone Protection System

Can I install both the USPS Underbody Stone Protection System and the USPS Step Protection System myself?

Yes, Our USPS - Underbody Stone Protection System and our USPS - Step Protection System have been designed for easy installation, regardless of your level of hands-on experience.

All you will need is a battery drill and a measuring tape. Everything else is supplied, including the step-by-step installation instruction. Installation time is around 30 minutes.

Can the USPS systems be delivered?

Yes, both systems are in stock and can be delivered Australia-wide. Our USPS - Step Protection is delivered via Australia Post at a cost of $10.00. 

Our USPS - Underbody Stone Protection System delivery incurs a flat fee of $250 across Australia.

Why should I install a USPS Step Protection System?

Your front door model Zone RV already has a mudflap that protects the front of your steps from rock damage. However, there is no protection between the rear of your steps and the front wheel of your van.

Our USPS - Step Protection System covers this gap and protects your steps from collecting mud and dirt from the front wheel, so you don’t have to clean your step continuously.

Do I need the USPS Step Protection System if my door is at the rear of my van?

Our USPS - Step Protection System is designed only to fit the front door model vans and is not required for the rear door models.

Where are both of the USPS Systems manufactured?

All our USPS Systems are manufactured and assembled in Brisbane, Queensland. We proudly support local manufacturers and suppliers to keep everything made in Australia.